School Sections

English section - Green Land International School
French section - Ecole Intérnationale Du Pré Vert


All Classes Available
Currently all classes are available:
Baby Class classes.
Nursery classes: Nursery PYP1, PYP2 & PYP3.
School classes: PYP4 to DP2





Admission Process

The admission process starts by filling in an application, either online or by visiting the school or the nursery. Then, an appointment is scheduled for the entry examinations, where the incoming students take entry-level exams and are interviewed. An interview with the parents is also conducted. Following these steps, a final decision about the acceptance of your child into the school will be made. The following documents will be required from your child upon admission:

  • Original birth certificate
  • 5 personal photographs
  • Copy of the vaccination certificate
  • Certificate attesting the student’s successful completion of the passing school year. This document must be certified by the student’s previous school.