Green Land/Pré Vert International School (GPIS -Egypt) is the first international School in Egypt to offer scholarships for outstanding students from primary stage.

GPIS believes that education is one of the most important aspects in the development of any country. For this reason, in 2000, GPIS started offering scholarships for the most talented, remarkable & successful students in Egypt. This successful step was followed by another one in 2005 where GPIS awarded 24 academic scholarships to distinctive Egyptian students. The last round was in 2008, where 15 students of different stages were offered scholarships.

GPIS was able to offer these scholarships with the support of several reputable businessmen and institutions. For instance, in 2000, Dr. Abdel Moneam Seoudi (Nissan - Egypt) and Eng. Sherif Shawky (Pakin Company) were two of our sponsors. They sponsored those scholarships due to their strong belief in the significance of investing in education and the importance of giving opportunity to the best Egyptian students.

If you are interested to join us as a sponsor please click here to fill in the sponsor’s application.

Benefits & Advantages

Students awarded these scholarships are exempted from 100% [full Scholarship] or 50% [half Scholarship] or 25% [merit Scholarship] of the school regular fees.

The student applying for the scholarship should satisfy the following criteria:

1.    Being in a private (French or English) national or international School.
2.    Having a remarkable personality, that is well balanced.
3.    Being of exceptional abilities in Math, languages, IT and science.
4.    Being talented in sports, arts or music is a value added.

Required documents
Students willing to join GPIS Scholarship Competition will have to fill an online application on the school website and present their portfolio at the nursery.

Those files should include the following documents:

1.    A photocopy of birth certificate.
2.    Six personal recent photos.
3.    A photocopy of the student’s official reports for the last three years (student’s grades in foreign languages must be included).
4.    A recommendation letter from one of the student’s teachers.
5.    A document of any special activity the student is competent in (sports, arts, literature etc.)
6.    A photocopy of a merit certificate in any field.
7.    Information on his/her current school.
8.    Parent’s request (form available in the nursery).
9.    Scholarship application available on GPIS website. (view application)