Welcome to the Middle School of Green Land - Pré Vert International School GPIS

The Middle School is divided into two sections (English & French)

Green Land International School

Ecole Internationale du Pré Vert

GPIS is authorized to implement the Middle Years Programme (MYP) of the International Baccalaureate. It is designed for students between 11 and16 years old. This period, encompassing early puberty and mid-adolescence, is a particularly critical phase of personal and intellectual development. Such a time of uncertainty, sensitivity, susceptibility, resistance and questioning requires an educational programme that will help students develop the knowledge, attitudes and skills they need to participate actively and responsibly in a changing and increasingly interrelated world. In so doing, learning how to learn and how to evaluate information critically is as important as the content of the disciplines themselves. The IBO is keenly interested in the development of ethics and values in young people. Not willing to prescribe for the moral code of any one group, the IBO nonetheless is concerned that students develop a personal value system by which to guide their own lives as decent and thoughtful members of local communities and the world beyond

Areas of Interaction (AOI):

Approaches to Learning (ATL): concerned with developing the intellectual discipline, attitudes, strategies and skills. It represents general and subject-specific learning skills that the student will develop and apply during the programme and beyond. The focus of this area is on teaching students how to learn and on helping students find out about themselves as learners so that they can develop learning skills.

Community and Service (C&S): an emphasis on extending the focus beyond the classroom and encouraging responsible caring participation in the local community and the world. The emphasis is on developing community awareness and concern, a sense of responsibility and the skills needed to make an effective contribution to the society. C&S considers how a student engages with his or her immediate family, classmates and friends as well as in the outside world as a member of these communities. Through effective planning and teaching, students can learn about their place within communities and be motivated to act in a new context. Community and Service (CS) hours are required of all IBMYP students.

Environments consider how humans interact with the world at large and the parts we play in our environments. It extends into areas beyond human issues and asks students to examine the interrelationships of different environments. This area can lead students to consider both their immediate classroom environments and global environments.

Health and Social Education: looks at the range of human issues that exists in human societies, such as social structures, relationships and health. Through the area of health and social education, students can identify and develop skills that will enable them to function as effective members of societies, as well as learning about how they are changing and how to make informed decisions that may relate to their welfare.

Human Ingenuity: deals with the way in which human minds have influenced the world. The way we are, think, interact with each other, create, cause and find solutions to problems, transform ideas and rationalize thought. It also considers the consequences of human thought and action. Through this area of interaction students can develop ways of thinking that are a good preparation for the theory of knowledge course in the Diploma Programme.