Training and Development Unit

An overview
The Development and Training Unit was established in June 2007 to provide needed training for teachers and students, and to create pedagogical systems of work facilitating the flow of the learning process.
Lead by IB coordinators and in collaboration with the quality manager of the school, the unit leader manages the unit working procedures.

Process of work:

Based on customer satisfaction surveys, a set of objectives is set.»By prioritizing these objectives, an action plan for the scholastic year is designed targeting specific objectives for every year. This action plan is monitored through the year and a report is written every term giving recommendations and altering the plan. At the end of the year, a general reflection is done setting objectives for the coming year.

Providing Training:

  • Establishing an induction system for new teachers.
  • Training on different teaching methodologies, to comply with IB philosophy and requirements.
  • Training on creating student centered classes and using different assessment strategies.

Creating pedagogical systems:

  • Designing a subject supervisory system with teachers’ quality standards and a procedure to monitor the learning process and take decisions for corrective actions.
  • Writing updated job descriptions for teachers, supervisors, curriculum coordinators, … etc.
  • In collaboration with the quality manager, write Key Performance Indicators for pedagogical personnel.
  • Forming AOI team from students to spread awareness of the role of AOI in their learning.
  • Set the academic honesty culture in teachers’ assignments and students’ performances.