GPIS Pre-Nursery Rules and Regulation

School Year 2013/2014

1- GPIS Mission Statement:

GPIS aims to contribute in making the world a better place. To fulfill this objective, GPIS education fosters respect for the international as well as national cultures; history and societies while providing its learners with high quality IB education in a local environment. This education values and protects their sense of identity. The school enables its students to master two foreign languages besides Arabic (English and French), equipping them with skills to succeed in communication internationally.

GPIS strives to develop leaders for the future who are tolerant, caring, reflective, creative and disciplined lifelong learners who contribute in the development of their communities and serve effectively in an internationally mobile world.

GPIS creates value for all its stakeholders through continuous improvement of the profile, performance and satisfaction of all its community members, embracing them all in an atmosphere of genuine care and love.


2- Nursery Hours:

  • The nursery is ready to receive children starting from 8:00 am.
  • Children should be picked up not later than 4:30 pm.
  • The nursery offers an extra hour after 4:30 with extra fees.


3-Items to be left at the nursery:

  • One towel (for bathroom).
  • Set of clothes.
  • A box of nappies.
  • A box of wet wipes.
  • Hair brush.
  • Tooth brush and tooth paste.
  • Blanket for winter.
  • Sheet for nap time.
  • Potty seat for potty training

Important notes:

  • All the mentioned items should be labeled with the child’s name.
  • The nursery will not be responsible for any unlabeled items.
  • As for the towel, blanket, and sheet; they will be sent home each Thursday and returned clean from home the following Sunday.



Early dismissal:

  • The student is not supposed to leave the school before 2:30 p.m.
  • In case a student has to leave from school early, parents are asked to send a written request or fill a form at the administration.


Student’s absence:

  • In case of student’s absence parents are asked to inform the administration by phone, mail or a written letter clarifying the reason for this absence.
  • In case of illness, a medical certificate from the doctor stating the nature of the illness and attesting to the student’s recovery must be delivered to the administration upon student’s arrival.
  • The student should be also re-examined by the nursery’s doctor.


5- Forbidden items:

  • Jewelry and long earrings are forbidden.
  • Toys are not to be brought to the nursery.
  • The nursery is not responsible for the loss of any of the items mentioned before.
  • Chewing gum, lollipops, preserved chips (e.g. chipsy, crunchy, Doritos, bake rolls …).

6- Transportation:

Kindly note that buses are not provided for the pre-nursery classes.


7- Meals and Snacks:

  • The nursery offers a healthy hot meal and a snack every day.
  • You are kindly asked to send with your child his breakfast and a drink (milk, juice).


8- Correspondence book:

A daily report will be sent to the parents with the child’s eating, resting, toileting and behavioral habits.


9- Potty training:

Toilet training (at the age of two years) is a part of natural development, which has to be carried with all care and love when children are physically ready.


10- Birthdays:

  • We believe that all children are special and need to feel that they are important; from this belief the nursery arranges a monthly birthday party.
  • As well the nursery welcomes special birthday parties that have to be arranged with the administration in advance.


11- Medical care:

  • The nursery administration has to be informed if the child is under medications.
  • All medications must be brought in original containers.
  • Parents are required to fill out a “Medication Authorization” form for each medication, with dosage, and time.
  • All medications should be handed to the administrators personally.
  • We conduct regular head checks nits and lice. If a child is infected he/she is immediately sent home for a week until the infection is terminated.
  • If your child is allergic to any type of food please kindly inform us.


12- Medical emergency procedures:

  • After consulting the nursery doctor, a student who needs hospital care is accompanied by a representative, where further treatment is provided.
  • The nursery immediately informs the parents to meet their child at the hospital.
  • The moment the child arrives to the hospital, it becomes the hospital’s responsibility to give the appropriate treatment.
  • Specific details of procedures requested by the parents who are different from the nursery policy should be written and presented by the parents to the administration.
  • The information will be incorporated in the file of the student and in case of any emergencies; the nursery will proceed according to the parents’ specifications.
  • The parents must inform the administration with all details concerning specific individual health problems or allergies to be added to the student’s medical history file.
  • Students who are injured are taken to “Sheikh Zayed Specialized Hospital” to be hospitalized.

13- Rules for payment of fees:

Fees are paid monthly to the nursery administration. We offer an extra hour with extra fees, Please contact Mrs. Heba Mahmoud to coordinate.


14- General Remarks:

No gifts from students to teachers or administrators are allowed during any occasion.


15- Communications:

i. Appointments with teachers

  • For any appointment parents should contact the administration assistants.
  • Administration assistants will follow up on scheduling this appointment with the teacher and inform parents.

ii. Suggestions & Complaints

  • The Administration will be sending questionnaires to the parents to help in improving the nursery’s performance.
  • Parents are kindly asked to fill in these questionnaires & return them to the administration at their earliest convenience in a closed envelope.
  • All your remarks and comments influence directly our decisions. On the other hand, the questionnaires statistics represent a very important part of the regular nursery performance statistics.



The Administration