About GPIS nursery

GPIS nursery aims at providing a secure, caring and stimulating environment where children are treated as individuals, feel respected, valued and confident.

At GPIS nursery we implement the IB Primary Years Program (IBPYP). IBPYP focuses on the development of the whole child as an inquirer, both in the classroom and in the outside world.
The most significant and distinctive feature of the IB Primary Years Program are the six transdisciplinary themes.
These themes, which are of global significance, create a transdisciplinary framework that allows children to go beyond the confines of learning within subject areas. It also allows them to get a better understanding of themselves, of others the world around them. We value the fact that are students are trained to observe, to ask questions and to seek knowledge from a variety of sources.

General Information:

Age groups:
Baby class (Toddler): 1.6 : 2.6 years
PYP 1 (Pre-school): 2.6 : 3.6 years
PYP 2 (Kindergarten1): 3.6 : 4.6 years

PYP3 (Kindergarten2): 4.6 : 5.6 years

Nursery hours:
Baby class: 8:00 am to 4:30 pm
PYP 1, PYP 2, PYP 3: 8:00 am to 3:30

The Nursery provides healthy hot meals for lunch and a snack.

Emergency Procedures:

After consulting the nursery doctor, a student who needs hospital care is accompanied by a school representative to “Sheikh Zayed Specialized Hospital” where further treatment is provided.

The nursery immediately informs the parents who are, in turn, requested to meet their child at the hospital.

From the moment the child arrives to the hospital, it becomes the hospital’s responsibility to give the appropriate treatment.

Should parents require a different procedure in case of emergency, they are requested to present their preferences to the Nursery Administration in writing upon admission

Parents must inform the Nursery Administration if the child has any known medical condition or health problem. This will be recorded in the child’s file to be handled with high care

Our new branch is located in the center of Sheikh Zayed city, in a quiet neighborhood setting. Constructed on a 3200m2 site, GPIS Zayed Nursery is built in accordance to Green Architecture designs, a new approach to constructions that minimizes harmful effects on human health and environment.
The nursery has seven spacious classrooms, each equipped with updated educational equipment, toys, games and a vast selection of books. We have a large indoor play area that includes soft-play and a home corner. The outdoor playground is used for sand and water play, bicycle riding, outdoor toys and trampoline, also, we have a swimming pool that is designed to serve students under direct supervision

Why GPIS Nursery?

o     GPIS is committed to the highest standard of care and education for children entrusted to its care.

o     GPIS has 18 years of experience in international teaching.

o     GPIS implements a well reputed curriculum - IBPYP - that aims to develop the child as a whole.

o     GPIS staff members are qualified and experienced teachers who understand that the first five years of a child’s life is when he/she discovers how to learn, therefore, positive learning opportunities during those years are essential for children’s emotional, social, language, cognitive and physical development.

o     GPIS balances learning, fun and rest to keep children interested and excited to learn.