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Protocol agreement with the IB organization and the Ministry of Education.



GEF is willing to contribute in the development of education in Egypt. GEF aims to initiate a pilot project that aims to manage two governmental schools by applying the Primary and Middle Years programs in Arabic, in addition to applying The diploma in one of the IB official languages; English, French or Spanish (the “Project”).

One of these two schools is a new governmental school in the 13th district, Sheikh Zayed City for gifted students, and the second school is an existing school, Al Nour school for blind students from class (K- 12) (collectively the “Schools”). This Project is a charity project.

When the PYP and MYP programmes are successfully implemented in the first phase, GEF will follow with the application of DP for willing students that meet the requirements and conditions of the programme.

GEF will cover all of the expenses decided in the financial document regarding this Project.

MOE will give his instructions to the two Schools and all authorities to facilitate implementation and resolve all problems that may stop or hinder the success of this Project. MOE will also empower GEF with all the necessary authorities to implement the IB programmes.

GEF in coordination with MOE will choose the head of school as well as the coordinators for each IB programme in each School.