"Special Needs Children" MYP-PEI2 C & S Project

Believing in the great potentials of MYP-PPCS2 students in Community and Service and the great benefits they

can bring to the community, the students were given a real challenge, not only serving poor children, yet those

with special needs. The students from GPIS two campuses-Giza and Zayed, are participating in the same project.

At first, the students had an introductory session about special needs children, its common reasons, its types and the characteristics of those children. Afterwards, the students visited a school for special needs children in which they got the chance to meet the children, communicate with them, better understand their nature and investigate their needs.

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Book Fair

GPIS Zayed hosted its first Book Fair from 2/12/2013 to 4/12/2013. There were many choices of books in English, French and Arabic regarding a variety of subjects such as children's stories, science, animals. Of course the little ones were happy to see their favorite themes; Princeses and monsters.

We had the pleasure to welcome parents who were intrigued by the exquisite selection of books presented

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