Aims & Philosophy

GPIS recognizes learning as a life-long process. We provide a learning environment that promotes the academic, social and personal development of all our students, and thus we are committed to:

  • developing students who have a life-long love of learning, who are eager to inquire and are full of curiosity.
  • establishing a stable & caring School community in which students feel happy & secure.
  • developing links between disciplines so knowledge is seen by our students as an interrelated world.
  • promoting intercultural awareness between all students.
  • providing students with a broad range of thinking, communication and group working skills through unique experience. 
  • establishing a broad, balanced curriculum in which art, music & drama are integrated to give our students opportunities to explore, express and develop their artistic and creative talents. Moreover, we enable the students to experience and appreciate the creativity of others.
  • integrating sports and providing opportunities for developing physical skills and maintaining physical fitness which promote a balanced, healthy lifestyle.
  • encouraging our students to develop a sense of community service & social compassion.
  • developing in our students the social and leadership skills that they can use in both their academic and practical life.

So our aim is that our students:

  • will be life-long learners.
  • will develop their unique capabilities.
  • will become critical, independent thinkers.
  • will become skillful, health conscious adults who are able to make wise choices in life & who hold a positive outlook to life.
  • will develop confidence in themselves as balanced human beings who contribute effectively to the society & serve the community.