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Green Land - Pré Vert International School (GPIS-Egypt) is a private Egyptian School with bilingual sections ( English - Arabic & French - Arabic) for children from the age of 3 to 18. The School accepts and welcomes students of all nationalities.

The School was founded in 1994 by a group of parents whose interest was to invest in their children’s education and future.

The School provides its students with an international standard of education and a high level of languages instruction in an Egyptian environment respecting the Arab culture and emphasizing the teaching of Arabic Language.

Moreover, GPIS teaches foreign languages complying to an exclusive international standard and qualifying its students for earning the International Diploma from IBO.




In 1994, forty parents set out to fulfill their dream of creating an ideal School for their children, and so they founded GPIS. The founders’ aim was to invest in their children’s intellect and education. They were determined to bring to life what all parents perceive as the School of their dreams:

  • A superior standard of education
  • A superior level of language instruction.
  • A familial atmosphere.
  • A green and healthy environment away from all kinds of pollution known in big cities.
  • A personal attention for each student related to all aspects of his/her development (health, behavior, skills,…….etc.).



Mission statement

GPIS aims to contribute in making the world a better place. To fulfill this objective, GPIS’ education fosters respect for international as well as national cultures; histories and societies while providing its learners with high quality IB education in a local environment. This education values and protects their sense of identity. The school enables its students to master two foreign languages besides Arabic (English and French), equipping them with skills to succeed in communicating internationally.

GPIS strives to develop future leaders who are tolerant, caring, reflective, creative and disciplined; lifelong learners who contribute in the development of their communities and serve effectively in an internationally dynamic world.
GPIS creates value for all its stakeholders through continuous improvement of the profile, performance and satisfaction of all its community members, embracing them all in an atmosphere of genuine care and love.



Aims & Philosophy

GPIS recognizes learning as a life-long process. We provide a learning environment that promotes the academic, social and personal development of all our students, and thus we are committed to:

  • developing students who have a life-long love of learning, who are eager to inquire and are full of curiosity.
  • establishing a stable & caring School community in which students feel happy & secure.
  • developing links between disciplines so knowledge is seen by our students as an interrelated world.
  • promoting intercultural awareness between all students.
  • providing students with a broad range of thinking, communication and group working skills through unique experience. 
  • establishing a broad, balanced curriculum in which art, music & drama are integrated to give our students opportunities to explore, express and develop their artistic and creative talents. Moreover, we enable the students to experience and appreciate the creativity of others.
  • integrating sports and providing opportunities for developing physical skills and maintaining physical fitness which promote a balanced, healthy lifestyle.
  • encouraging our students to develop a sense of community service & social compassion.
  • developing in our students the social and leadership skills that they can use in both their academic and practical life.

So our aim is that our students:

  • will be life-long learners.
  • will develop their unique capabilities.
  • will become critical, independent thinkers.
  • will become skillful, health conscious adults who are able to make wise choices in life & who hold a positive outlook to life.
  • will develop confidence in themselves as balanced human beings who contribute effectively to the society & serve the community.


Location Map

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GPIS  Giza  is located in two premises :

- Nursery : 79 Shehab street - Mohandessine - Giza -Egypt

- School : 405 Gezirat Mohamed street - Bashtil -Giza - Egypt

GPIS Zayed is located in two premises :

- Nursery : First Megawra - Seventh District - behind Sahaba Mosque- Sheikh Zayed- 6th October , Cairo- Egypt.

- School : Second Megawra - Fifth District Service Center- Sheikh Zayed- 6th October city- Cairo - EGYPT.


Why GPIS-Egypt?

Here are 10 reasons why GPIS is the right choice for your children:

  1. GPIS is the first and only English school in Egypt authorized to offer the 3 IB programmes (PYP-MYP-DP) ever since March 2005.
  2. GPIS is the only school in Egypt to hold the BS EN ISO 9001: 2000 quality certification from the highly reputable quality assurance organization British Standard Institution BSi- UK.
  3. GPIS is located in a rural area away from the city and thus enjoys splendid greenery and a fresh clean environment where its students can grow healthily. Meanwhile, the school is still just 15 minutes away from Mohandessin.
  4. GPIS has a uniquely convivial atmosphere where its students feel like they are part of a bigger family.
  5. GPIS has one of the most successful “Community & Service” programs in the region and its students have become active participants in the development of the area surrounding the school.
  6. GPIS has a very stable top management which ensures the continuity of the school’s past achievements.
  7. GPIS’ staff includes several experienced IBO leaders and trainers; which ensures the quality of its education.
  8. GPIS alumni have achieved impressive results in their IB  diplomas; many of them ranked among the top students worldwide.
  9. GPIS deeply values the importance of ethics and morals. It establishes policies that enforce academic integrity while seriously condemning violence, cheating and plagiarism.
  10. GPIS gives special importance to languages.  Students start learning 3 languages (Arabic, English and French) concurrently during their early primary years; mastering thus all three languages.

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